Black History Month is about paying a tribute to the imminent Black personalities that fought for a change. Almost a year after the tragic death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the outburst of the black lives matter movement, the Black Community’s big steps against Racism continues to stir big media houses.

Not to our surprise, Black History month 2021 witnessed Major Global brands show up with their big weapons to impart heartfelt support to the black community in their fight against Racial Injustice.

We take a look at the 10 Fashion Brands that are leading the way for the industry to spread awareness & show support to the Black community’s Cause.

  1. Nike: Nike, known globally as a leader in its industry, has had a long-standing association with major black NBA stars and other sportspersons from the Black community. Hence, when the country was split in its unity, Nike proudly showed the world how it’s done with its ‘Until We Win’ initiative in the US to support the people of colour. In congruence with their principles rooted in the belief that sports unites all, Nike’s ingenuity drew massive attention to the coloured section of the American society, thereby helping them further their causes. The brand has pledged to donate $500,000 to 20 non-profit organizations in the country. We can thus safely conclude that Nike ‘just did it’, yet again!

    Until we all win - Nike
  2. Gap: Gap has always placed itself as an all-inclusive brand. Staying true to its ideals, the big name in fashion has collaborated with 15 Percent Pledge to support Black-owned businesses in the US. Announcing its promise through a press release, Gap has committed to champion the causes of the community, especially those related to the losses incurred during the global pandemic. Not only did the brand notify the country of its donation of $200,000 to the NGO they also plan to work in close proximity with their team to promote equality for Black-owned ventures and coloured individuals in the workplace.
  3. Michaels: If there was any doubt about who the best DIY brand is in the US, Michaels has now washed it all out with their campaigns. This Black History Month, the company stepped things up a few hundred notches when they launched a collection of DIY supplies themed around the occasion. With an assortment of attractive stationery, graphic tees, and other collectables, the company aims to educate its customers about the Black community’s rich history. In addition to their line-up (which is to die for, by the way), Michaels also committed to sharing a portion of the profits with Management Leadership for Tomorrow. It is an NGO that works to help people of colour pursue leadership roles in the workplace and fights to conquer racial equity.
  4. Under Armour: Under Armour was never one to be left behind. Hence, they hopped into the bandwagon and escalated to ride shotgun on the trend with their power move! Devin Allen, a Baltimore Artist, Community Leader, and UA Photographer is best known for his documentary titled ‘Baltimore Uprising’. Under Armour collaborated with Allen to support Wide Angle Youth Media, an NGO that helps the Black community in media arts, in mentoring kids of colour in photography. Their initiative is an effort to end racial bias in the creative hemisphere and bring to the spotlight, the talent brimming in the upcoming Black generation. 
  5. Walmart: Walmart (quite literally the ‘people’s store), in light of the existing racial inequality in the US, coupled with the adverse effects of the global pandemic, has pledged to spend 100 million dollars over the next half-decade to fight racism. Acknowledging its 340,000 Black and American African employees, Walmart vowed to stand in solidarity with the community to fight for racial equity. The company has also created a landing page that features some Black-owned brands and the story behind them.
  6. Macy’s: Macy’s gave the world yet another reason to love them all the more with their special inclusion initiative. The company’s Black History Month celebration would feature imminent Black personalities like Jerry Rice, Phoebe Robinson and Marley Dias, among others. Alongside the notable appearances, the company will exhibit Black History Month- themed windows throughout the month, in Chicago, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City. Macy’s new landing page (which you should check out right now!), created exclusively to celebrate the occasion, draws attention to its Black-owned beauty and style brand collaborators. Customers will have the option to round-up their purchase by donating directly to Black Girls CODE and United Negro College Fund.

    Macy’s Black History Month Celebration 2021
  7. Target: Target hit the bulls-eye with their initiative, ‘Black Beyond Measure‘. It showcases a collection of costumes and accessories by Black creators, through their stunning landing page. Featuring more than five categories of products, including books by the Obamas and music by Bob Marley (yes, you got it right; they already have our month’s salary), the company garners attention to the Black-owned brands sold at its stores. Their campaign encompasses real people with real challenges- a feat that makes Target and its efforts relatable to people within and outside the Black community.
  8. Bombas: The ‘Black Hive Collection‘ by Bombas welcomes its customers with an exhibition of colours on its landing page. Featuring a “bold and vibrant celebration of Black excellence”, the company flaunts the people of colour in its workforce. Created entirely by these individuals, the designs stand out for their striking hues and dauntless designs, while owning their creators’ causes. And we are loving the pomp and show!
  9. DTLR: DTLR, to commemorate the celebration of Black History Month, is sponsoring an art contest, engaging in community service, and rewarding teachers for their hard work. Besides, they are promoting Black-owned businesses in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Miami, and Richmond, Virginia, on its social media platforms, DTLR Radio, and in stores. 
  10. Kohl’s: If there is any such thing as climbing a ladder to success, Kohl’s definitely took the elevator with their mind-blowing campaign! The brand has committed to donating $100,000 to Alliance for a Healthier Generation in support of Black leaders who contributed heavily in developing resources to brace the health and well-being of Black families. Kohl’s is also launching a Spotlight collection designed by its team, including graphic tees, totes, plush throws, and more such similar accessories, to celebrate Black History Month. The company’s extensive collaboration with Black-led businesses made headlines and propelled the community’s causes towards a favourable inference.
Black History Month 2021

Martin Luther King Jr, in one of his many insightful moments, had said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” With their actions, the 10 companies sent a strong message to the world this February.

After this, we can only hope these small steps and big contributions will balance the US’s impending differences, possibly restoring peace and equality soon. At Flixstock, we commit to support these initiatives and applaud the brands and companies’ attempt to make an impact on Black Lives for good.