If You Don’t Use AI Model Images For Your Product Then Might Be You Are Spending Too Much Money And Time

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Have you heard about end-to-end product imagery solutions? Well, it is the tech era and if anything, AI model imagery is the new normal for eCommerce businesses. It is a technology that makes you procrastinate less, yield faster results, and hike your revenue allocation. Still don’t get it? Let me ask you a couple of questions. Are you stuck with organizing photo shoots? Or did your model refuse to show up at the last minute and you ended up paying huge studio rentals for nothing? Seems familiar, right? End-to-end product imagery solutions help you overcome these obstacles using cutting-edge AI-driven technology.

Warehouse To Online In 3 Quick Steps

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AI model imagery refers to the process of model image photography using an AI model generator. You can create an array of models to choose from that do not exist in the physical world. All you need is an image of your garment on a mannequin and you can turn it into on-model imagery in no time. You can further use these images on your online selling platform without any ado.

Now it is normal for you to think that why should I switch to AI imagery? We understand you’ve been using the conventional way of product imagery for years and not many brands are talking about AI model imagery yet. However, do you know that the increase in the number of online shoppers in the past year has been drastic? This has therefore resulted in top retailers and brands making a switch from studio photo shoots to AI model shoots. Now that you know leading fashion brands and retailers are opting for this technology, don’t you think you should be too? If you are still confused between traditional garment photoshoots and AI model shoots, let me walk you through the key benefits of AI product imagery.

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Creating An Impact

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Professional photoshoots can be expensive and you can overshoot your budget if you consider hiring models. However, a bare product shoot is not as impactful as a model product shoot. One of the most recurring drawbacks of online shopping reported by consumers is the lack of physical touch. Thus, if you consider hiring models for your product shoot, you may end up spending a lot of money. Here’s when AI model imagery comes in handy. It is a cost-saving method to generate AI models and showcase your products. Besides, a model adorning your products, lets your consumer overcome the lack of the product’s physical presence. It enables them to view the product on a human body thus, turning your potential buyers into consumers.

Inclusivity And Brand Value Go Hand-In-Hand

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AI-generated 3D models can give you an upper hand when it comes to brand inclusivity. Every brand has an individual value that connects it with its consumer base. Thus, the way a brand sells its products has a great impact on its audience. They need to be conscious of the fact that they include ethnic diversity and embrace all colors and sizes in their model photography. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find models with specific attributes and many brands end up using petite, fair skin models. This makes a brand come across as biased for other communities.

Also, consumers tend to link faces to a particular brand. If they see the same model featuring for another brand that has completely different values, that brand may end up losing its audience. Thus, it is important for brands to choose faces that are unique to their brand identity. AI product imagery generates unique models for different brands. As these models do not exist in the real world, it enables you to feature your garment on models of multiple cultures, body sizes, and skin complexion.

Enhance Your Product’s Visibility

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If you’ve been selling online, you must be well-acquainted with the fact that product photoshoots are a time-taking process. You need to pre-book a studio, hire a photographer, make-up artist, stylist, and models. Besides, if there’s any delay from one end, you may have to reorganize everything. Mostly, people end up spending weeks scheduling a photoshoot. And how can we forget the time it takes post-production. The images clicked need to be sorted and edited one by one. Sometimes, the desired result is not achieved in terms of quality and the whole shoot goes in vain.

To avoid such instances, you can use AI model image photography that uses Artificial Intelligence and produces accurate images for your products. You can select multiple poses, lighting set-up, and backdrops as per your specific requirements. Also, it won’t take you weeks to get the shoot done. You can have the ready-to-use images within two days. This further enables you to make your products live in a shorter span and increases your sales window as well. This way you can cater to larger audiences at a faster pace with minimal inputs. Thinking of making a digital shift now? If yes, do not forget to learn about the Top 10 Latest Technologies In Product Imagery And Fashion E-Commerce.