Let me tell you a story about FlixStock Heroes. In March, FlixStock was helping clients from all over the world as usual, and the clients were doing great.

Suddenly COVID hit operations of all the clients, including our own. This was the time when our clients needed us the most. We were also struggling with moving the entire team to WFH. 

Here came FlixStock heroes as a savior to overcome our internal challenges and, most importantly, ensured that our client’s business goes on smoothly as always. FlixStock heroes have pulled off unimaginable feats in such a time. On the one hand, they ensured that the transition to WFH for our own team was smooth, and also, our clients didn’t suffer. We didn’t miss any promise we had made to our clients. 

FlixStock Heroes worked round the clock to set-up what now is a new ‘superb’ normalcy for FlixStock. Hardest of the time defines the character of a team, though it all starts with the Hero Mindset that you all have. 

First, I would like to thank our Heroes on behalf of our clients and the company. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the hard work you are doing, and everyone is working harder than ever and more closely than ever. 

Thank you all for the incredible dedication and effort! Salute to all the FlixStock Heroes.