Who doesn’t need a good retail therapy every now and then? And with the rise of online shopping or e-commerce, this trend has become a lot easier than the traditional method. Traditionally, you would have to go to a physical store whenever that urge to update your wardrobe peeked its head. But now, online shopping or e-commerce has completely changed the scenario, customers can sit back in the comfort of their own homes and order whatever they want with the click of a button. Now, what if there was a way to make it even easier. M-commerce or mobile commerce has completely changed the game when it comes to online shopping, mobile ecommerce solutions have made it possible for the consumer to have access to unlimited global brands on their smartphones. 

The only difference between e-commerce and m-commerce is that the former refers to shopping through your computer or laptop while the latter gives you the same privilege on your smartphones. While the features more or less remain the same on both domains, m-commerce gives the user more freedom and a much more user-friendly experience. Hence, the reason why it has become a necessity for brands all over the globe. To name a few brands that are already using mobile ecommerce design, we have Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Topshop, Miu Miu, H&M, etc.  

Why Brands Need M-Commerce?

The pandemic has hit the retail industry like a tornado, forcing brands to rely on digital means to conduct business. In order to survive the pandemic and still come out strong, m-commerce has become a necessity for fashion retailers all over the world. Here are some key features of m-commerce:  

Provides Wider Accessibility:

In recent years, mobile shopping has gained a much wider share in the market than any other trend. With more and more people leaning towards the ease and convenience of a smartphone, consumers have developed an expectation of having everything at their fingertips. This is where m-commerce comes in, which is guaranteed to increase your sales in fashion e-retail. If the customers have access to your shopping app on their smartphones, they can easily open the app and explore your products, order online, or refund without any hassle. Being available on smartphones not only helps the company reach a wider audience but also builds brand awareness and recognition. Also, one other advantage of m-commerce is that it allows the shopper to shop from anywhere and anytime they want. 

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Provides New Marketing Opportunities:

One of the biggest advantages of m-commerce is that it allows for new and effective ways for marketing and business development. M-commerce can help you track user behavior or traffic on your app, and also keeps you updated on what is catching the customer’s eye. These trends can then be incorporated into the brand’s marketing strategies for an enhanced user experience and essentially, business development. To effectively use this strategy for digital marketing, you first need a decent mobile ecommerce design that can help you run various A/B tests for new products or services. The result you get from this will help you understand what the customers want or what’s in trend right now. 

Now, coming to the other advantages of mobile commerce, it can help companies by saving on campaign costs or even make them some extra cash. Firstly, m-commerce allows the brand to get in direct contact with the customers through the app itself. This helps in saving campaign costs and also builds customer loyalty. Secondly, this technology can help the brand expand its social media presence. The brand can integrate the app with social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. so that customers can directly share the products of their interest with their network. And lastly, mobile ecommerce solutions can help companies make money through advertising. If your app gets a good amount of traffic, you can use that to your advantage, by incorporating ads in your app and getting some extra revenue. 

Helps Track Consumer Data & Behaviour:

In addition to reaching a wide range of customers from all kinds of backgrounds, mobile commerce helps track user behaviour which gives you valuable insights into the customer’s mind. Traditionally, brands would rely entirely on store sales to know what’s in demand, which is not as effective in most cases. Now, with the help of in-app tracking brands can find out what inspires the target audience, if they’re comparing the price with competitors, what’s in trend, which product is getting more attention, what features are they looking for in a specific product, etc.  

By now you probably have a good understanding of how important m-commerce is for sales in fashion e-retail. Understanding the customer’s needs and requirements is extremely crucial to any business, and that’s exactly what you can achieve through mobile analytics. It provides the opportunity to keep track of the user’s shopping pattern, shopping history, location, background, etc. and when used right, it can be one of the most valuable tools for building marketing strategies. 

App Notifications Reach Customers At The Perfect Time:

App notifications are another way to reach your customers at the perfect time, in practice, notifications are more effective than regular promotional emails which most people would not even open. Using mobile analytics and push notifications in combination can boost your business like nothing else. If the customer is shopping for a specific item with a particular price tag on your app, you can send him/her a push notification to inform them of similar items within their price range. This will not only help the customer make an informed purchase but also help boost your sales since the customer may end up buying more than one item. 

Personalization For Marketing:

When it comes to clothing ecommerce, it is extremely important for brands to have access to the user’s daily needs and to develop a personal connection with them. Mobile commerce is a great way to achieve that, it allows the brand free access to a wealth of information about the customer. Where they live, their social media accounts, their shopping preferences, past purchases, etc. and this information can be used to offer them personalized discounts and promotional codes. This helps in building customer loyalty and assists the brand in developing a deeper connection with its customers. 

Hence, we can say that m-commerce has had a tremendous impact on fashion retail. It is the next step toward the digital revolution of e-commerce businesses. An advanced mobile ecommerce design can provide you with a wealth of information and features that will boost your business and take it to the next level. Investing in a good m-commerce application has become a necessity for growing businesses and making them more accessible to users. Especially since the pandemic has forced retail businesses to shift entirely to digital means. In these uncertain and strange times, technological solutions like mobile commerce have emerged as a godsend.