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Ethics in Generative AI : Detecting Fake Faces in Videos

Technology is inherently about humans, and it is perilous to ignore social and psychological impact while creating tech. As engineers we must be aware of the unintended consequences of the technology we create.

With the advent of automotive AI and recent impact of social media platforms on elections, Ethics in AI has become one of the major areas of research. Few important (but not limited to) questions in Ethical AI are:

Algorithmic Bias : ML algorithms trained on biased data reinforce that bias into results and recommendations. For example machines taught by photos and text from the internet learn a sexist view of women

  • Below is an example that you can try out for yourself in google translate. Having learnt that the vector representation (wordvec) of “SHE” is more closely related to the word nurse than to the word doctor, the translation of the sentence to Turkish and back to english leads to unintended bias reinforcement [ReadMore]

Left : English to Turkish Right: Turkish to English

Autonomy & System Design : Whose life should your self driving car save in case of an unavoidable accident [ReadMore]

Governance in AI : What are the Labor and Regulation laws relating to automation and robots. [ReadMore]

Generative AI : Images and Videos now created by Algorithms (GANs) are virtually indistinguishable from real ones.This is leading to widespread fake news dissemination. Checkout this popular video where Barack Obama is speaking words he has never uttered in real life

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