The fashion industry is persistently evolving to tailor a more refined buying experience for consumers. Be it adopting online selling platforms, virtual shopping assistants, or augmented reality, every aspect is being transformed to create a personalized consumer experience. When it comes to generating business-driven outcomes, the product development cycles can be drastically refined with automation tools. 3D fashion design software is one such alternative to conventional garment design practices.

“The global market of 3D design software is growing rapidly, and is expected to hit the $1.2 million mark by 2028.”

3D Design Tools Can Redefine The Fashion Supply Chain

Design is a crucial element of product development. It can help you capture the right details such as dimensions, fabrics, or trims to be used. A badly-fitted garment is every designer’s worst nightmare. With 3D fashion design software, one can eliminate the scope of human error and work more efficiently, all while increasing productivity. You can easily render 3D designs, make multiple iterations, or communicate their ideas to the production team without any challenges. 

“The textile industry produces a fabric waste of about 15%. With 3D fashion design software, they can reduce their global waste production by introducing zero-waste design.

The fashion and design industry has stuck to manual processes for years. However, the growing demands and surfacing challenges require a more optimal approach. By using 3D fashion design software, you can aid multiple designs with ease. Here are a few key features that make 3D software stand out from the conventional design methods and can assist your fashion design goals.

2D designs are flat layouts and hard to visualize on a real human body. 3D software has overcome this challenge and gives designers the ability to create realistic renders for their designs. A 3D design can give you a 360-degree overview of the final product even before the sample is manufactured. It helps you visualize the design better from multiple angles, including the flow of the fabric, creases across the pattern, and silhouette. You can easily spot any shortcomings in the designs and make immediate iterations to avoid production failure.

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Testing Multiple Fabrics

Many times manufacturers incur huge losses due to sourcing the wrong fabric material. This typically happens due to a bad fabric choice or lack of fabric performance tests. Every fabric hangs differently and has a unique flow. With 3D fashion design software, you can view the flow of different fabrics, or even combine multiple fabrics for various elements of a single design. It will help you get the final picture of the desired result. If required, you have the option of switching fabrics before making a purchase decision.  

Different Virtual Looks

Imagine being confused with two options for the same design. The only way for you to choose between the two is by looking at the final result. However, with the conventional process, it can take a lot of time to get through this process. 3D design software creates a possibility to compare different designs without going through the hassle of manufacturing samples. You can try different cuts, colors, patterns, and even trims for your design in 3D software. You can view the garment from various angles and create a final look within minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Using 3D Design Software?

3D design software can increase your time to market by 45%, way faster than the average turnaround time. It is both more time-saving and economical than the conventional design processes. You can make quick edits and changes to different components of your designs and streamline your design operations. Some of the major benefits experienced by using 3D fashion design software are-  

Reduce Production Costs

Pen and paper designs can put a strain on your budget. Every time you layout a 2D design, you need to get a sample manufactured to understand it’s built. For a single sample, designers have to source multiple fabric materials, pay for the shipping costs, and sometimes even bear the production costs of resampling. With 3D you can get the same things done on a comparatively low budget. You can skip the need to manufacture multiple product samples. A 3D fashion design software can give you advanced insight into your design’s build, fabric flow, and other test factors.

Optimize Your Design Operations

2D designs require a lot more evaluation to plan and process the final output. With 3D, designers can get the same evaluation easily and at fractional time. This allows them to focus more on the design process. They can individually design, make edits, and alter embellishments from different components of a single design without altering the whole design. This not only makes the whole process a lot easier but also time-efficient. Designers have experienced increased productivity after using 3D design software. Animated 3D designs allow faster assessments, quick iterations on a low budget and can increase your market turnaround time.

Interactive Client Experience

A 3D design can create an impact on your clients by giving them a virtual product sample. The 3D design model can help you put up an interactive visual representation of your designs, and you can offer more customized design options. Also, you can satisfy your clients by offering them multiple options to choose from. For example, you can show them a single bottoms design in multiple colors, fabrics, or patterns. You won’t have to spend a lot to get multiple physical samples ready. All the customization can be done within a click.

Create Better Product Visualizations

3D designs accelerate product marketing decisions by allowing interactive prototypes. Designers can easily communicate with pattern makers, and marginalize the scope of error by using 3D fashion design software. It enables zero-waste designing with less use of physical samples and helps you maximize your market growth. More and more MNCs are realizing its potentials and opting for 3D design, showing an ever-growing demand for the software in the market. 


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